Embroidery and screen printed apparel is a very customized product – alot can go wrong!  To ensure the success of your project we like to follow a simple but proven process…

  • Let’ Talk!

    It’s starts with a conversation.  Let’s talk about your project: goals, budget, timelines…  We can make recommendations on the materials and products that would best suit your project.  You can even pop into our Cummings Center shop in the 100 Building Suite 212E to touch and feel some of our samples or talk to a designer.

  • Artwork

    We will need hi-resolution or vector versions of your logo or artwork depending on the project. In order to scale your image to larger sizes without losing resolution, a vector file is required.  If you need help with your artwork, or need to create new artwork, we can help with our in-house graphic design services.

  • 50% Deposit

    Before get to work to digitize your artwork or create mockups, we require a deposit in order to procure all materials required to complete the job.

  • Digitization of Artwork / Artwork for Screen or Transfer Printing

    The next step is either the digitization of the design for embroidery or creating screens or vinyl transfers for printing.  Digitization for embroidery is actually a digital map of every stitch that will be embroidered in your design.  First-time customers receive their first digitization for free (a $45 value!).

  • Embroidery Sample / Mockups

    Before we put your entire embroidery order into production, we will provide you with a sample for your approval.  We do not proceed on any orders without approval.

    For printed apparel, we create a mockup for your approval.  Due to the nature of this format we cannot create an actual sample prior to production.

  • Production

    Once everything is approved, we get to work to produce your order according to your specifications and deadlines.  We typically require 2 weeks from deposit to delivery.

  • Delivery & Final Balance Due

    We will give you a call to let you know your order is ready for collection.  We expect all outstanding balances to be paid before or at time of delivery.  We accept all major credit cards and checks.


Let's Go!

Use our contact form to tell us more about your project.  We can’t wait to make you a BIG SHOT!